Your brand is who you are. It’s your reputation. So let’s make you attractive. Not that you aren’t already, but you could look better.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

The Fox & Hounds are trained to help you establish a clearly articulated business strategy. We’ll identify your online consumer demands and competitors, to establish a clear and concise plan to guide your brand.

Creative Campaigns

This is where you change the game. It’s that one idea that will drive your online sales, increase search traffic and set the bar for your business. Your creative campaign will generate PR and get your message out there. We create ideas for you that are hard to ignore.


We create tailored content to deliver the message to your customers more effectively. We don’t just spit out pretty words – we write targeted, valuable copy based on SEO best practices.


If it doesn’t look good, will anybody look twice? We create a full range of print and digital designs for ambitious brands.


If you’re looking to bring your brand to life, we offer an in-house photography service. We also won’t stop you from attending a shoot if you want to get involved. There will be snacks…just saying.

We also work with local and global photographers and content creators around the world, such as our Mawu ambassadors. 

Email Marketing

The best email campaigns are planned, structured and timed to coincide with other marketing activities.

We offer email marketing services that include creating awesome email campaigns that target the right people and get them to take the action you want. We will also build you a highly targeted email list through website popups and other marketing initiatives.

Need more visitors to your website? We’ll get you the traffic. SEO is a big part of what we do, so let us gear your website up and improve your online presence. Our SEO services include: 

Google AdWords - The quick hack

Typically, people you attract through a Google AdWords campaign have a higher level of intent because they’re searching for a specific product or service and being driven to a landing page with that exact product or service. For example, before making the decision to purchase a skateboard, customers will search ‘skate decks’ or ‘skateboards in South Africa’.

We'll run your Google ads and set the right keywords in place to make your business appear closer to the top of the marketing funnel and capture people who want to purchase your product.

Website SEO

SEO can put you ahead of your competitors. If two websites are selling the same product, the search engine optimised website is more likely to have more customers and make more sales.

Link Building

If you want more search engine traffic, link building is a must. So sit back and let us rocket your website to Google’s first page.

    The social world is an important and effective channel to engage and convert your customers. While anyone can just start sharing their brand’s message, without a smart social media marketing strategy, you’re creating content that will lead to little return – even if it looks good.

    We build social strategies that align with your overall business and marketing goals, i.e. engagement, clicks through to your website, creating awareness, video views etc. We’ll create the right targeted audiences and help you achieve big social results. We can also help with:

    Paid Social Campaigns - reaching new and existing customers

    Social Amplification – sharing your content through relevant social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Social Media Auditing – helping your ecommerce business stay on top with its online presence.

    Influencer Campaigns – we work with influencers around the globe. So if you’re wanting someone in Europe, Australia or anywhere else to showcase and promote your product, we’ll make it happen and get your product to them.


    Yeah, we’ve built some good looking sites, but they’re not just lookers. We’ll build your website the right way, so that you get the outstanding results you’re looking for. From build and design, to hosting and maintaining your website, we do it the way it should be done.

    Online stores, logistics and distribution of your product

    We’re also experts in building and managing online stores. We even have our own warehouse, so we can hold stock and handle the entire delivery process for you. In a nutshell, we’ll:

    1) Build, promote and manage your online store

    2) Hold your product at our warehouse

    3) Receive online order

    4) Arrange shipping of your products

    You’ll thank us later…